Christmas family research

A  mother of four living apparently living apart from her husband and working as a dressmaker in Muirhead, Minnesota, a young couple in a coal-miners’ neighborhood in King County, Washington with a female Swedish lodger, an older couple in the same county with eleven surviving children, a stenographer and his wife in Leavenworth, Kansas, a farmer and his consumptive wife traveling through Indian territory to the south of Kansas and missing their young sons, newlyweds from Scotland living in Minneapolis, a young couple from Ohio with a small daughter, and a wealthy couple in Virginia with their only living child, a 7-year-old boy.  What do these folks have in common?  They are all my children’s great-great grandparents (alternatively, they are the parents of my and my husband’s grandparents), as they found themselves in the year 1900.

For the last few years, Christmas has been a time at which I spend some time doing genealogical research.  I’m not sure exactly what the fascination is. I have relatively few living relatives: a father, two first cousins, one second cousin, and two children.  There’s something about the stories of these distant ancestors, though, that draws me in.

Accordingly, I have added a page to this site entitled, ‘Family History,’ where I have linked to a searchable report that Reunion genealogy software generates.

Advent 2013

Elsewhere on this site I have a mirror of my parish’s Advent Resources page.

Here I am offering a link to my seminary class’s blog of meditations on the Daily Office readings for the season.